Where it all began. Take an existing product and make it better, lighter, stronger, more flexible and provide it at an economical price. Series A CPAP tubing may have been one of our first projects however with advancements in processing technology and raw materials it continues to set standards for the industry.

  • Lightweight medical tubing for CPAP and respiratory therapy.
  • 19mm tube with 22mm injection molded cuffs for easy connection and leak free fit. Smooth interior and corrugated exterior provide kink free and quiet operation.
  • Available in Romax Ergonomic Cuff and Standard Cuff configuration.
  • Excellent tensile and shear strength.
  • Available Colors: Clear/gray helix, clear/cream helix, or clear/clear helix, custom colors by request.
  • Overall lengths of 8″ to 144″ available.

All ROMAX medical tubing is manufactured from FDA compliant, latex free, all virgin raw materials.